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Code coverage measurement for Python

author Ned Batchelder and 140 others
author_email ned@nedbatchelder.com
  • Environment :: Console
  • Intended Audience :: Developers
  • License :: OSI Approved :: Apache Software License
  • Operating System :: OS Independent
  • Programming Language :: Python
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 2
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.5
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.6
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.8
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.9
  • Programming Language :: Python :: 3.10
  • Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: CPython
  • Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: PyPy
  • Topic :: Software Development :: Quality Assurance
  • Topic :: Software Development :: Testing
  • Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
description_content_type text/x-rst
keywords code coverage testing
license Apache 2.0
  • Documentation, https://coverage.readthedocs.io
  • Funding, https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/pypi-coverage?utm_source=pypi-coverage&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pypi
  • Issues, https://github.com/nedbat/coveragepy/issues
provides_extras toml
  • toml ; extra == 'toml'
requires_python >=2.7, !=3.0.*, !=3.1.*, !=3.2.*, !=3.3.*, !=3.4.*, <4

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Code coverage testing for Python.

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Coverage.py measures code coverage, typically during test execution. It uses the code analysis tools and tracing hooks provided in the Python standard library to determine which lines are executable, and which have been executed.

Coverage.py runs on many versions of Python:

Documentation is on Read the Docs. Code repository and issue tracker are on GitHub.

New in 5.x: SQLite data storage, JSON report, contexts, relative filenames, dropped support for Python 2.6, 3.3 and 3.4.

For Enterprise

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Getting Started

See the Quick Start section of the docs.

Change history

The complete history of changes is on the change history page.


See the Contributing section of the docs.


To report a security vulnerability, please use the Tidelift security contact. Tidelift will coordinate the fix and disclosure.


Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see NOTICE.txt.