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Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python 3.7+

author_email "Guido van Rossum, Jukka Lehtosalo, Ɓukasz Langa, Michael Lee" <levkivskyi@gmail.com>
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Typing Extensions

Chat at https://gitter.im/python/typing


The typing_extensions module serves two related purposes:

New features may be added to typing_extensions as soon as they are specified in a PEP that has been added to the python/peps repository. If the PEP is accepted, the feature will then be added to typing for the next CPython release. No typing PEP has been rejected so far, so we haven't yet figured out how to deal with that possibility.

Starting with version 4.0.0, typing_extensions uses Semantic Versioning. The major version is incremented for all backwards-incompatible changes. Therefore, it's safe to depend on typing_extensions like this: typing_extensions >=x.y, <(x+1), where x.y is the first version that includes all features you need.

typing_extensions supports Python versions 3.7 and higher. In the future, support for older Python versions will be dropped some time after that version reaches end of life.

Included items

This module currently contains the following:

Other Notes and Limitations

Certain objects were changed after they were added to typing, and typing_extensions provides a backport even on newer Python versions:

There are a few types whose interface was modified between different versions of typing. For example, typing.Sequence was modified to subclass typing.Reversible as of Python 3.5.3.

These changes are not backported to prevent subtle compatibility issues when mixing the differing implementations of modified classes.

Certain types have incorrect runtime behavior due to limitations of older versions of the typing module:

These types are only guaranteed to work for static type checking.

Running tests

To run tests, navigate into the appropriate source directory and run test_typing_extensions.py.